O U R   S T O R Y

Originally formed as a partnership back in 2010 when two like minded individuals decided it was time to combine the wealth of knowledge and experience gained within the Building Industry and University Studies and create a service that exhibited these assets. This moment birthed the JB Construction Services name and also became the stepping stone that by August 2012, after nearly two years of arduous work, eventuated in the re-registration of the partnership to a Proprietary Limited entity https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=97153741425 .

The Company has gone through a number of phases, and reiterations of its primary role within the Built Environment space. Its early beginnings largely revolved around being predominantly an in-house Design+Build Firm that catered to clients that required a one stop shop solution. Therefore an all inclusive process that involved Conceptual Design, Planning Approval, Architectural and Engineering Design and the all inclusive Build of the Project. However, as the company grew and the accumulation of in-house trades expanded, it became obvious that the primary role of the organisation required re-tuning.

Today, we are a Construction Services Provider and not an all inclusive, insular, one stop shop former self. But a company that largely services other Built Environment service providers like: Large Domestic, Medium Size Commercial Builders, etc. The only carry over from our past that is still highly evident in our respective service base, and is synonymous with our approach, is our understanding of cross-trade integration and the overall top to bottom construction process. Having been previously involved in every part of a construction project has given us an edge over most of our rivals. It is this understanding and versatility that allows us to tailor make client specific packages that are hard to beat and replicate.

The JB Construction Services name is now nearly a decade old from its inception. It has, as previously mentioned, gone through a number of phases and adjustments to get to where it is today. However, the evolution of the brand and the company have definitely been in the right direction, as it has yielded a larger customer base that has grown tremendously over the extended period of time, and is growing larger with every new successful project and positive referral.