jbcs patented pergola - MODERNA (sotuth-east elevation)

MODERNA™ – a pergola that radiates ‘fresh appeal’. It’s design so innovative it can compliment and simultaneously hold its own in a variety of environments. It’s boldness and elegance can transform any backyard not only into a functional but also a ‘hip’ and trendy area. It’s the perfect alternative to the countless dull and dreary colorbond pergolas that you see peeking over your neighbours’ fence-lines.

jbcs patented pergola's pre-construction image 01 jbcs patented pergola - MODERNA (east elevation) jbcs patented pergola - MODERNA (east elevation) 02The design evolved from one of our current projects still in its ‘paperwork’ stages (see a ‘cosmetic touch’ for a suburban post). With the customer already impressed with the simple yet effective solutions we generated for his street-facing facade, he decided to invest in our abilities to come up with a solution for his back-yard.

The following criteria was used to approach this stage:

  • come up with a shading solution for the north-facing and east-facing walls (focusing on openings)
  • create a usable and inviting outdoor area
  • following on from the work on the front facade – integrate modern features to enhance the appeal of the back-yard


jbcs patented pergola's pre-construction image 02

Rather than drawing ideas from the existing structure and creating something that would add to an already bulky and monotonous nature of the north-facing shear wall, jbcs Design Team decided to approached this particular project from a different angle and came up with the following solutions:

  • create a pergola that is a ‘feature-piece’ rather than an extension of the existing dwelling
  • keep it light and open
  • introduce raw materials such as merbau and treated pine to compliment the raw-brick nature of the dwelling
  • create an elevated deck to accommodate for any form of outdoor-entertainment activities


The proposed solutions helped shape what is now one of the latest jbcs patented products  –                      the MODERNA™“.

jbcs patented pergola - MODERNA (sotuth-west elevation)

jbcs patented pergola - MODERNA (sotuth-east elevation)

Upon its completion it became quite evident that this design could be easily mimicked and incorporated into outdoor spaces of most if not all contemporary design homes of today. And with such a refreshing and ‘hip’ look why would you even consider any of the tiresome designs doing the rounds today?

jbcs patented pergola - MODERNA (east elevation)

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